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After a moderately successful accounting/finance career in New York and Philadelphia I thought I found my “dream job” on LinkedIn – controller for a startup in Atlanta. I was excited and prayed that I would get the job. It was supposed to be the right position with the right pay, autonomy and the ability to build and shape a company. And it was where my wife and I wanted to move to – the right place. I was supposed to be the “expert” in charge of running the finance department. However, soon after I started I realized that the “dream job” was a nightmare and I was unceremoniously fired after six 70+ hour weeks. And oh, did I tell you I was fired less than two weeks before Christmas? Thank you very much! I uprooted myself for THAT? New city, no job, no wife (she was still in New York) and no leads. In the past, I’ve helped people in this position but it’s always different when you’re in it.

From the time I was getting ready to move to Atlanta to working at my “dream job,” I put my "life" on hold. But after THAT, my "life" became my full-time passion. At this point I vowed that my life (and my wife’s life) would not be completely dependent upon a paycheck. As a result, I fully redevoted myself to researching, speaking, writing, coaching and doing what I could to make sure I’d never be completely dependent upon a paycheck. I went on some interviews and even turned down opportunities because they reminded me of my “dream job.” “Dream job?” Been there, done that. I didn’t want a “dream job.” I wanted a life. So, I made my break.

Instead of focusing on getting a “dream job,” I focused on creating a life. Previously, I transitioned into writing and wrote Repackaging Is Everything to help people to repackage their content. The Great Recession inspired me to expand my message because I saw that many people needed to repackage their entire lives, including my own. As a result, I empower people to use their gifts, talents and experiences to get unstuck so they can make their break from where they are to where they want to be. Currently, I do this as a finance consultant, an author, an inspirational speaker, a freelance writer and a media personality helping others to successfully make their break.

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